Coactive recently released our v1 SDK. Click here to view the documentation for the previous SDK version.

What is Coactive?

Coactive is a data analytics platform by Coactive AI for data practitioners (e.g., data scientists, machine learning engineers, etc.) who work with unstructured visual data (i.e, images and videos) at a massive scale. coactive enables these data practitioners to unlock the value of their visual data in real-time through core functions such as intelligent search and analytical queries.

What problems does Coactive solve?

The following challenges render visual data ineffective for driving actionable insights rapidly.

  1. Lack of metadata: Metadata for images and videos is often incomplete, inaccurate, or completely lacking.

  2. Enormous volume: Visual data is large, which requires careful and efficient processing.

  3. Domain specific: Visual concepts are often nuanced in ways that existing solutions fail to capture.

No labels, no problem! Don’t waste your time flipping through photos or scrubbing through videos. With a word or phrase, you can search your content library and refine the taxonomy of your content.


See our quickstart for the fastest way to get started answering questions about your image and video data.