Real-time Visual Analytics

In organizations where a quantitative understanding of user engagement is crucial, teams and products are guided by analytics and metrics. As more user interactions move towards visual experiences (e.g., live-streaming on social media), real-time analytics of this visual content will play a critical role in guiding product and company decisions.

Using coactive, you can perform real-time analytics of your unstructured visual data using SQL, and readily integrate these results with your existing data pipelines.

For example, you can use coactive to understand a viral meme on your platform by answer quantitative questions such as:

  1. How many images and videos contain this viral meme?
  2. How many images with this meme were uploaded in the past hour? Does this vary by category?
  3. When did this viral trend start? Is it a growing trend?

Answering these questions about a viral trend in a timely fashion is critical in powering downstream applications that focus on content recommendations, advertising, and user engagement.